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Cold spots on your radiator? Noisy radiators or pipes?

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Powerflushing Wirral

How do I know if I need a powerflush?

Here at Alan D Scoffield Heating LTD that is the question we hear most regarding powerflushing. Well the truth is that you may well need a powerflush, but on many occasions there may be other reasons for your systems poor performance and rather than powerflush for the sake of it, we take a more pragmatic approach to the emotive issue of powerflushing. A lazy circulation, pump, blocked cold feed, poor system design and faulty valves are just four of the possible causes for the poor circulation of your system. Our investigation into your problem would go something like this:

  1. One of our highly trained engineers would call and check whether your system would benefit from a powerflush. He will check all he can so as to establish the best way forward. If he suspects that a powerflush is not required but corrosion is present
  2. The engineer may take a sample of water and send it off for analysis, which we would use to determine the right product to solve the relevant corrosion problem. This visit would cost £70.00 + VAT plus the cost of the test kit. If a powerflush was subsequently performed the cost of the service visit would be refunded. We may recommend the fitting of a magnetic filter for extra protection as well.
Wont the filter do the same job as a powerflush?

It will not. The filter has a gentle action where the ferrous particles are attracted to a magnet in the filter, but this action is established by the relatively slow velocity of the system circulator. Our powerflushing machines are extremely powerful basically sending a large volume of water through at pace through your radiators to dislodge all blockages.

To sum up, If you feel your system is not working the way it should, or you have been told your system requires a powerflush and would like a second opinion call us now on 0151 625 2933.

If we do powerflush your system you have the reassurance knowing it was necessary, call into our showroom today, and see Natalie or Kim to make an appointment

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