Warm Air Heating

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Warm air heating systems use a vent to pull in heat from the outside air and heat it over a gas flame. The warm air then circulates via ducts, vents or grills that are located throughout your home and are often managed by a thermostat.

Warm air heating systems eliminate the need for radiators. Giving you more freedom for room layouts.

Gas Fired Warm Air Heating Wirral

Warm air heating is the delivery of warm air from a central fan and gas burner unit, through duct work to points of exit in rooms throughout the property. This effective way of heating provides quick response times and stable room temperatures, without the need for radiators or pipework. Domestic hot water can be provide by a small extra gas burner usually within the same unit.

Many customers are unaware that current Warm Air units are efficient and user friendly. The new sophisticated controls ensure rapid warm up times and critical temperature control. WE have vast experience of Warm Air heating and are approved installation engineers for Johnson & Starley. If you would like some no obligation advice or a free no obligation quotation please contact Natalie or Kim to arrange a visit.

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